Your Face Is A Social Business Card

Last July TAT (“The Astonishing Tribe“) posted a concept video of their augmented social face-card system (okay, I made that term up, what else should we call it?).  The video tickled the imagination with over 400,000 views.

TAT has since teamed up with Polar Rose, a leading computer vision services company, to turn that concept into a reality.  The TAT Cascades system combined with Polar Rose’s FaceLib gives us this prototype called Recognizr.

It’s nice to see the technology is coming together, but I wonder how the social and ethical repercussions will play out.  My guess is the only way this will truly work is to be paired with one of the big social networks like Facebook or LinkedIn.  That way you have your protected status built into your social information.

But then it becomes less useful for business or conference settings, which is where I see the biggest use (and as they demonstrated in the concept video.)  So if the access to your information connected to your face is customizable and controlled by you, then it probably won’t cause too much heartache.  Hopefully, we’ll see a real product from them soon.  Having the Recognizr system available at ARE2010 in June would be fantastic.

13 Responses

  1. Great work, can’t wait to try it!

  2. Great stuff indeed.
    A generic standard for tieing any-image (including your face) to any-data would help. You could then include yourself on as many…or as few…public lists as you want.

    Wouldn’t stop someone from covertly snapping your picture and adding their own data on you, but (frankly) I think thats something we will have to live with.

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  4. Now they need is integration with the facial recognition data on the RFID in your passport…

  5. But would you need RFID at all? In fact, do we really need passports at all?
    If our image is linked to our identity, what’s that point of carrying a card/passport to do the same thing?

    Obviously, you’d need reliably facial recognition. But it only has to beat a human to basically have the same level of security as we do at the moment.

    I think in a decade we might just have a read-only database of us which links our image to a few essential details. (updated with a new image every few years… although date-stamped as an additional one rather then replacing the old [makes fraud a lot harder]).
    This image/ID link database could also contain a field for the organisations allowed to use it. Government by default, but you could add banks, medical places etc as the user see’s fit.

    I know some people will raise privacy objections, but much of this data on us is “in the system” anyway, might as well make it work for us a bit more.
    I think it could also simplify everything a bit more; The very fact that you are YOU proves who you are, not cards, passports or bits of paper.

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  10. Thanks dude, I never knew this, thankyou.

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