HoloToy Hologram for iPhone and iPad

Augmented reality is all about illusion.  Most applications project graphics on the real world.  But this HoloToy creates the illusion of a real space within iPhone or iPad, similar to the LevelHead game from last year.  The game has a number of modes including a Scarab Attack game, floating planets and a pet robot to interact with.  Most of them can be seen in this video.

5 Responses

  1. Looks ok, but you really need a forward facing camera, like the DSi to pull this off;

  2. […] Take a look @ GamesAlfresco.com […]

  3. hi. There. I. Downloaded. Halotoy. App. Today. On. My. iPod. Touch. Only. Needed. 9. Mb. Out. Of. 64. Gb. I. Have. The. 64. Gb. iPod. Touch

  4. hi. There. No. Front. Camra. Is. Reqiered. Becuase. My. iPod. Touch. Dose. Not. Have. Front. Or. Back. Camra

  5. Nice attempt, but it doesnt feel at all reslistic. Not worth paying for. Waste of $2. Refund would be nice…

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