Anime AR Girl (Part II)

There’s something syrupy good about J-Pop.  Add some high-tech augmented reality that places Hatsune Miku on your very own table and you’ve got a potential hit.  She’s already a vocaloid digital creation so why not make her AR as well?

Which makes me wonder if when AR finally has more mainstream bona fides, Japan will be the ones to embrace it fully.  Not Korea or Germany or even the old US of A.

** edit – and yes I know I’ve posted this before, but the creator has made some nice improvements

One Response

  1. Is this the next step from “Dennou Figure ARis”?

    Also, I believe that Japan is going to be facing severe competition form the U.K., because that seems to be where a lot of the “new” and “wow” is coming from.

    But hey, I’m all for more Anime in the Digital Art Layer.


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