Weekly Linkfest – The Justin Bieber Edition

This linkfest has nothing to do with Justin Bieber, and everything to do with augmented reality news bites from the last week. I’m just checking if the mere inclusion of Mr. Bieber in the title will generate more hits.

This week’s video is a promotion video for Sekai Camera. Tonchidot, the company behind this veteran AR browser recently got a $5M from Japan’s telecom giant KDDI (though some claim that KDDI actually bought Tonchidot). And if that’s not enough, Tonchidot announced the creation of social AR game. The future looks bright for those guys:

Have a great (and cool) week!

4 Responses

  1. Hi Rouli.

    will you be there to check out the winning combination of AR and beer at metaio? Would love to meet up for a chat and a Stein then! :-)


  2. @Toby not likely :(
    If only I knew about it a little bit earlier I would have planned a week long trip to Germany.

  3. AR fish and virtual pets…clearly Dennou Coil inspired there :)

  4. justin bierbe
    es el amigo mas q yo quiero

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