Three Fun Things To Do With Augmented Reality

I can see you’re a little bored (yes, I’ve hacked your webcam) and I’ve scoured the Intertoobs to find some augmented reality to cheer you up.  From free to over one hundred dollars, here are a few ways to inject a little spice into your boring life.

Free – AR on Webcams

Does it work for Chatroulette (don’t click that unless you have a strong stomach)?

Less than $5 – Chatterbucks

Money talks…

More than $100 – Playstation Move “Start the Party

Beer not included.  Comes out on September 19th.

3 Responses

  1. After this video, I see Playstation Move is only a bit more accurate than Wii… it can’t be the Wii-killer Sony needs! Perhaps it’s only a demo version to show the AR capabilities of PSMove, but in other case I’m really dissapointed.

  2. try this site very good.

  3. Whats the link to the free one? /first video :?
    “After this video, I see Playstation Move is only a bit more accurate than Wii”

    The controller use’s basically the same technology as wiimotion plus, only the camera tracks the controller rather then the controller tracking the screen… essentially inverted.
    It wont be more accurate though in terms of positioning, the fact the thing has a big ball at the end should be a clue to that.
    However, it should have a vastly bigger range of motion as the wiimote can only accurately position itself when its looking at the screen.

    As for the Kinect as the other poster/microsoft advertiser points out, is actualy a lot more advanced technology wise. True 3d scanning, in fact, from which it forms a point cloud and then works out the biped from that. Amazing tech really…..however….the games are looking pretty terrible. I saw people playing a Harry Potter railshooter as Gamecom (yes, you read that right), and it was clearly not too accurate either.

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