Weekly Linkfest

ISMAR 2010 is just a couple of days away, and in the meantime, here’s this week’s linkfest:

Today’s video is coming to us straight from ISMAR 2010. It’s a presentation of the results achieved in the paper “Build Your World and Play In It: Interacting with Surface Particles on Complex Objects” by Brett Jones and other researchers from the University of Illinois. The paper presents a way to map virtual content on 3d physical constructions and “play” with them. For more details check out Jones’ website. I think that Angry Birds would be prefect on such a platform:

Have a great week, and the lucky of you who get to be in ISMAR, take some videos, please!

2 Responses

  1. Thanks for the post, Rouli. Total Immersion’s ‘AR Immersion 2010’ event on November 9th is a full day, AR-intensive conference. Given capacity restrictions, the event is invite-only. Those who would like to attend but who aren’t on the invite list can contact Marie Geffroy (marie.geffroy@t-immersion.com) to request a conference pass. Check out our site (http://ar-immersion.t-immersion.com/) for more details as we post them.  Unlike the “beer loving competitors in Germany” (who charged an admission fee of nearly $300 per pass) TI’s event is free! :) By the way, we too love beer, and we’ll have beer–and of course wine and cheese–at the event.

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