Sex Offender Augmented Reality Tracker App

Given the spokesman and the nature of the video, I actually thought this was a comic piece and I was prepared to write another article about how augmented reality was entering the zeitgeist.  It turns out the AR app is a very serious one.

No further comment except to say how interesting it is to see the intersection of personal information, societal issues and technology.  See the official website for more information.

5 Responses

  1. We built this app for BeenVerified using our Tagwhat AR technology. The legal, privacy, and ethical questions we have been asked as a result have been fascinating.

  2. I can imagine. I was going to write more about the app, but it’s a difficult set of legal, privacy and ethical questions, as you mention, to really wrap your head around.

  3. Like something straight out of Brass Eye.

  4. At the very least this issue should be treated with respect and tact. By hiring Antoine Dodson as a spokesperson these developers have made a mockery of themselves, the technology they employ and the legal systems from which they seek to profit.

    There is a large chasm between education and corporate fearmongering. This has dragged our promising industry two steps in the wrong direction.

  5. Ive got to disagree with Dr. Cosmos. It’s precisely this kind of publicity that will cause people to know what the heck mobile augmented reality is and what it can do, for better or worse. I’m sure many who read this blog speak with people and groups all the time who have no idea what AR is. We think everyone is aware because our peers are aware, but AR is barely on the radar.

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