Predator Invisibility and Ghost Furniture with Kinect

When writing The Digital Sea, invisibility was one of the cool effects I thought was possible with ubiquitous augmented reality.  I didn’t expect to see tangible examples so soon.  Granted, without AR glasses, all the effects are static on the screen and only eye candy.  But what glorious eye candy Fukatsu-san makes.  The predator alien would be proud.

The second video from yummyfuture shows us how to make ghost images of furniture (or whatever you’d like to do.)

I think I could watch new Kinect video’s all day.

2 Responses

  1. Great stuff! “Optical Camouflage Kinect” reminds me of Optical Camouflage experiments in 2003 by Prof. Susumu Tachi at the University of Tokyo. See photo:

    …And I can’t help but thinking of Georges Melies’s early films when I watch “Ghost Furniture”.

    Wonderful to see all these creative explorations using Kinect! Keep them coming!

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