Augmented Reality U.S./Iraq War Memorial

Here is another example of art activism where augmented reality is used to convey a message. Building upon Layar, artists Mark Skwarek and John Craig Freemand created was is probably the first virtual war memorial, commemorating each of the 52,036 deaths, both Iraqis and Allies, in the last gulf war.

The artists translated the place of death in Iraq to a location in the US and placed there a virtual casket, either “American” or “Middle eastern” in design. The result is disturbing:

More info on the project’s blog, via Development Memo for Ourselves.

3 Responses

  1. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Thierry de Baillon, Richard. Richard said: Read on: Augmented Reality U.S./Iraq War Memorial: Here is another example of art activism where augmented reali… […]

  2. I think one showcaseing the deaths due to Libyan dictatorship each day at the moment due to inaction of the UN would be more topical.

  3. […] of AR browser to see otherwise you’d simply walk past them. One nice example of that is the US/Iraq War Memorial as created by artists Mark Skwarek and John Craig Freemand. It’s built as a layer that you […]

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