Watson Will Make Us Superhumans

The continued advance of computer intelligence, riding the rails of Moore’s Law, have made events like IBM’s Watson win over two champions on Jeopardy inevitable.  While thoughts of the Singularity, a future in which we cannot predict because computers will out-innovate humans, are fascinating to consider, I prefer a human centered future.  And augmented reality has a large place in a human centered world.

While the underpinnings of this chess trainer demonstration with its Hiro-markers are circa 2009, the ideas still play out.  Instead of concerns that computers like Watson will replace humans, I believe that Watson will help us take advantage of our natural abilities.  Instead of wasting time memorizing trivia, we can focus on the combining of dissimilar ideas into new synergies.

So I say, bring on Watson.  Just with a side of AR, please.

One Response

  1. AR combined with stuff like instructables.com and vark.com will certianly give the average person access to the skills of almost anyone – physical dexterity being the limit rather then any mental memorised skillset.

    I think for knowledge and deducation though we need less AR and more extensive linked data, semantic relationships between all of human knowledge and engines to search and correlated that data. A automatic process could even highlight the top 10% of correlations as yet unstudied….allowing humans to quickly make new discoverys and links between fields with a far greater success rate.

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