Total Immersion Is Open to Seduce You with Augmented Reality

Bruno Uzzan from Total Immersion sent me this invitation and I thought you might be interested as well.

He is inviting you, augmented reality avid fans, to visit their new offices and have a treat: try some cool augmented reality installations such as transforming yourself to the Joker, or to a hip-hopping break dancer, virtually drive a luxury sedan, hold a beating heart, and he promises even more…

Whether you go or not – you will probably enjoy this clip…

WHEN: September 26th, 2008 from 3-7pm

WHERE: 900 Wilshire Blvd. Suite 255 Los Angeles, CA 90036

WHO:  Media & Event Planners, Brand & PR Strategists, Creative, Marketing & Industry Professionals

RSVP TO: by September 19th, 2008

For more information, please contact Kris Woods at 323.617.4843

If you happen to stop by – tell Bruno I invited you, and ask him how come he missed ISMAR ’08…