Weekly Linkfest

That was quite a week for augmented reality.
The top article at Games Alfresco was “Augmented Fear of Heights” (with about 1000 views!), and on Augmented Times the top post was about Marco Tempest’s magic Trick.

There were so many news items this week, I couldn’t cover them all even if I wanted to (though, I might cover some of those next week):

Quote of the week comes from Joshua Falken (is that a WarGames reference?), as a comment to the “Augmented Comedy” post:

The widespread usage of standard AR toolkits for non-science by self-proclaimed “AR researchers” is the root cause for the bad reputation that AR has now. If one mentions AR / MR as an area of interest to, e.g., computer graphics or computer vision researchers, one immediately is flagged as a mediocre me-too person. Unfortunately, these stereotypes are now applied to good and bad AR researchers alike. Therefore, a funny clip, but the topic, unfortunately, is very serious. Just ask all the people who have found it practically impossible to acquire research funding for AR topics for the past several years already.

You should go read that thread. Have a look at the replies Falken got and express your own opinion!

Finally, to kick-off the coming week, here’s a fun little video of some guys putting the Living Sasquatch application to good use:

Have a nice week!

5 Responses

  1. To answer the question – yes, it is a WarGames reference :-)

  2. It dosnt supprise me at all that advertising blogs see AR as “niche”….because it is.
    Its a gimick to draw the eye to give a product attention.

    But only in terms of advertising.
    In terms of…well…actual real applications, AR has the potential to improve almost everything. It will be about as “niche” as computers themselfs are :P


    That star-trek arg I havnt been following, but actualy the us of AR seems a little better then most.
    To start with, you got a photo-marker used there, and secondly there seems some gesture reconition beyond mere moving the marker about. (allthough still very crude).

    Oh, and I absolutely approve of the YouTube channel!
    (posting on Facebook is hardly ideal).

  3. WarGames reference?

  4. Joshua was the name of the charecter/plot point in the classic kids hacker film “War Games”. (and lets all ignore the recent dvd sequal)

  5. Oh! true! xDDDD

    Sorry… I’ve to sleep more xD

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