More Augmented Advertisement

Our friend Diego Gopen has notified us that his augmented advertisements service,, has a new demo, one that lets you play augmented dice online:

According to him it’s “100% random! good for stuff for casinos online ;) because it works with physics so it’s impossible to manage”.
But beware Diego! There are new competitors in the AR advertisements business! Brian Selzer found that has a very similar service. No videos yet, though if you register you can try their very basic FLARToolKit demo.

Combining several proven technologies, ADmmersion™ brings advertising to life like never before – giving consumers access to an interactive experience like none other.

For the first time, consumers aren’t just watching ads – they’re part of the experience and can interact with them directly. comes to us from DCSI, a company that according to its site, specializes in those LCD screens at grocery stores that show endless ads. It’s good to see they are trying to diversify their business.

One Response

  1. Neat, but I think it would be nicer to have a cube marker that you physicaly roll.
    You could then have custom-animated faces for the sides of the device.
    Or even make the dice act like its got more sides then it has. (obviously needs programatic randomisation there…but a varible-sided dice might be a good tool for the tech-savy D&D player :P)

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