Augmented Animals of the Future

It’s old news, but I’m allowed to be late since I had to overcome a language barrier. Since 2008, Le Futuroscope, which is a really cool theme park in France with many cinematographic related attractions, has a ride named “les Animaux du Futur” (animals of the future). Based on the BBC show “The Future is Wild“, this ride, created by Total Immersion, takes you through futuristic landscapes and lets you interact with the animals occupying them.

Since its inception, the ride had a home version, that enabled you to see some animals come to life on an AR marker. To welcome a new version of the ride, launched last month, the home version went one step further, and enabled users to play with the dreaded “octopus monkey”, without any need of printed markers. It looks like great fun –

You can try it yourself at this mini-site (via Development notes for ourselves)

3 Responses

  1. Very cool application ! I tested a similar one in their office. It works well.

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  3. Futuroscope is great, I strongly recomend anyone nearby to go, as its packed with interesting stuff even before they got this AR ride.

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