TAT Augmented ID is Beautiful/Creepy

One of the oldest concepts in the mobile AR community is using augmented reality to match a person with his/her identity. The Swedish software and design company TAT just unveiled their own take on this “augmented id” with the aptly named Augmented ID. Using face recognition and tracking technology from Polar Rose, TAT enables you to check up one’s web identity by looking at him through your mobile’s camera, as the following concept shows:

It’s very pretty, but just be sure that before pointing your mobile at some beautiful girl on the street, you could out-run her boyfriend. (via engadget)

2 Responses

  1. Don’t like the idea that you change your profile depending on the audience. You’ve only got one face so surely only one profile?

    Imagine you provide a professional profile for your corporate meeting as they suggest in this video. If one of your meeting attendees then points their Augmented ID at your photo some weeks later after you’ve thrown together a more informal profile for a weekend party they could be in for a shock.

  2. Will TAT have the potential to facilitate transactions in “personal currencies,” as discussed in Doug Rushkoff’s forum?


    If so, we’d welcome opportunities to help with beta testing of AR-enabled solutions of this kind.

    The Ning group here may be able to provide inputs in building a personal currency mashup… http://ilnk.me/prslcurncy

    Look forward to hearing.


    Mark Frazier
    Openworld.com and Buildership.Org
    @openworld @buildership (twitter)

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