ISMAR 2009: Switching Into High Gear

ISMAR, the world’s best Augmented Reality Event, is just 2 months away!

As a member of the review committee I have seen some amazing submissions. Thank you all submitters for the tremendous effort and enthusiasm. By now, you should have received feedback from the organizers. If you haven’t – contact your respective track chair (go to ISMAR – and click on Contact on the left) .

This year, marking the 10th anniversary of ISMAR, will be a land mark year for the event, expanding for the first time beyond pure research into applicative domains such as interactive media, humanities, and education.

In addition, the first day of the event will feature a set of very interesting workshops. I can’t choose which to attend.


One of my favorite workshops is dubbed “Let’s Go Out“, or as I like to call it: Alfresco…

A crew of AR research veterans have joined forces to generate a leap with Outdoor Augmented Reality: Christian Sandor (University of South Australia), Itaru Kitahara (University of Tsukuba), Gerhard Reitmayr (Graz University of Technology), Steven Feiner (Columbia University), and Yuichi Ohta (University of Tsukuba).

From the workshop organizers:

The outdoors presents enormous challenges for mixed and augmented reality. Outdoor environments encompass extreme weather and illumination conditions, and mobile systems must deal with technological constraints, including low-resolution cameras and displays, inaccurate and fragile tracking systems, limited system and network resources, and cumbersome interaction devices.  This workshop will provide an opportunity to discuss research issues related to outdoor mixed and augmented reality. Researchers are invited to submit two-page position statements for presentation in a morning session. The following sessions will address specific areas, including a review of the state-of-the-art and a discussion of current issues and research directions.

So don’t wait. Get your thoughts on paper and send it to

It’s your opportunity to make an impact, games alfresco style.

Stay tuned for details about the other exciting workshops.

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