Two More AR Browsers to Join the Party

Are you a Wikitude or Layar supporter? Maybe Sekai Camera fan? The battle for supremacy at the augmented reality browsers market is getting more complicated by the minute, with two new contenders joining the fight.
First, acrossair which brought us the Tube Finder, is now showing off a very slick “general purpose” AR browser for the iPhone 3GS:

Next, GraffitiGeo, a fresh new startup that wants to create a Digg like service for real places is working on an AR version of their application, also for the iPhone:

(more details about GraffitiGeo here).

So, now we are at five AR browsers. Anyone wants to bet how many browsers there will be by this time next year? (my guess – only three serious contenders, and one of them will be owned by Google).

5 Responses

  1. Uh oh, are we already splitting up the community, ending up in two parties?! Hehe, just kidding. The latest browser I’ve seen by the way: It comes with so far simple 3D objects (without textures for now). But you know the direction we are heading. :-)


  2. oh, forgot about Gamaray’s browser this time, but I’ve covered it before

  3. Well, all these are still individual efforts really.

    The question for this time next year will there be any open-protocals established which would allow a variety of software able to look at the same data.

    Google will have their foot in the door though, that much is pretty certain. (unless Apple -really- does a about-turn on their attitudes).

  4. I love to see new apps like this, although it’s sad so many companies are making separate systems, rather than collaborate together to from a standard which all browsers will work off the same data.. But I guess at this early stage it’s to be expected.

    Plus I’m a little disappointed in the constant “iPhone only” nonsense. I’m just not an Apple fan, and I don’t like how Apple treats their developers. (I’ll not get into a rant on proprietary devices, either.)
    Plus devs are mislead into thinking the iPhone has a large user base, when it actually doesn’t have that much compared to the other smart-phones out there, or soon to be ones. Especially when the iPhone is still locked into 1 carrier. =/

    That’s the main reason I’m really waiting on Metaio World, since it will hopefully be very cross platform… I just hope they do it right. =/ Not enough is known yet to make any judgments.

  5. Good application..

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