How to Produce Augmented Reality Applications: Share Your Experience and Help Nurture a Healthy Industry

Marshal Kirkpatrick, the lead blogger for Read Write Web – one of the first tech blogs to dive into the fascinating field of augmented reality  – is working on a research report about the use of AR for marketing.
In order to generate data for the report  that best reflects the market reality – he has put together a survey.
In fact, he prepared two surveys: one for webcam-based AR applications, and a second for mobile AR applications.
Here’s Marshal’s message:
We hope that people in the industry will be
interested in anonymously contributing their knowledge so we can all benefit from the aggregate results.   The intended respondents for these surveys are people who have built or have hired other people to build AR apps.  The intended readership of the results are people who are interested in hiring AR developers.  We hope this information will help more people feel comfortable hiring AR developers, that more information will be good for the AR economy and the people who want to be a part of it.   We’ll be sending the results out to everyone who participates, along with a discount code if you’d like to purchase the larger research report this will be a part of.   If you’ve got any questions you can email me at  Thanks for you time taking these surveys.
This is a most welcome collaboration between ReadWriteWeb and Gamesalfresco, and we intend to share the highlights of this initiative on this blog.
Expect a talk by Marshall about this initiative at this year’s most anticipated AR commercial Event – coincidentally titled the Augmented Reality Event, scheduled for Jun 2-3, 2010 in Santa Clara, California.

To access the surveys go to:

Webcam AR

Mobile AR

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  1. Thanks for your help with this, Ori. Thanks also for all your great coverage of the AR space over the years. It was through a link to Games Alfresco shared over Twitter that I had my eyes opened to the breadth of work being done in this field. I’m very excited to see what the community of Games Alfresco readers has to say about the nitty-gritty of building AR. That’s what the survey is all about. Thanks again for the opportunity to publish it here.

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