Learn about the Opportunities and Pitfalls of Augmented Reality in Marketing: a New Report by ReadWriteWeb

Marhsall Kirkpatrick- lead blogger for ReadWriteweb – recently lead a survey among Augmented Reality (AR) developers and marketers to figure out what worked and what didn’t in past AR campaigns. To the many readers of this blog that  contributed to the survey – thank you!

The report is now available for purchase on the RWW site

Here’s an excerpt from the report’s description:

Become an expert on Augmented Reality (AR) in one quick read. Decrease your AR development time to market by learning from the first wave of early adopters of this new technology. AR offers a new marketing and product paradigm for a high impact, high value customer experience. In the ReadWriteWeb Premium Report Augmented Reality for Marketers and Developers: Analysis of the Leaders, the Challenges and the Future, we profile successful companies and their campaigns as well as development lessons learned.

The report features:

  • Important players in the mobile AR market, their current campaigns and/or product implementations
  • AR development shops
  • Hidden costs associated with AR app development
  • Developer experience requirements for AR app development
  • Timeline for development of AR applications
  • Total cost and cost break down for developing a Webcam AR project
  • When live video processing will be enabled on popular mobile phones
  • The use of existing AR browsers as opposed to companies building stand-alone mobile AR

Marshall will share details about this report and explain the process behind the results – at the Augmented Reality Event (2-3 June, 2010 at the Santa Clara Convention Center, California).

If you don’t want to miss this talk and many other talks by AR industry leaders register to the event today! Few discount codes are still available for our devoted Games Alfresco readers:

Go to the registration page, type in code AR245 and you’ll be asked to pay only $245 for 2 full days of AR goodness.

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