Weekly Linkfest

The time has come for another fun-packed linkfest.
But before we begin, a special message to those of you who like beer as much as AR, and live in the vicinity of Munich. Toby of augmented.org is inviting you to the first Munich AR regulars’ table. You can find more details here, and don’t forget to take pictures. Feel free to tell me about your own AR event/meetup!

And now, for the links:

There were a couple of other interesting things happening this week, don’t you worry, I’ll have a dedicated post about them in the very near future. In the meantime, this week’s video comes to us via @chrisgrayson. It’s very cool, but unfortunately, I don’t understand how it was done. Yes, ARToolKit was involved, but how was the robot augmented to fire rockets? What provided the distance readings? If any of you read Japanese and can shed light on those question – please do so in the comments:

Have a great week!

4 Responses

  1. Distance can be done by a parking sensor or any other distance meter. Just measure the distance and feed it to the machine..

    I don’t see your issue around the robot firing that could be scripted in various ways..

    Must say that I really like the interface

  2. Well that looks like an ultrasonic sensor, very common and not too expensive. In fact, I think it’s this one: http://j.mp/9SUWar

    The robot didn’t fire any physical projectiles, did it? It’s all just auggie lasers I think.

  3. Yep, Gene’s right, that’s a Ping sonar range finder — I used one in an arduino project a while back (pics and code here http://bit.ly/bEvNQq).

    You can actually get pretty good distance readings from the Ping — I found it to be surprisingly accurate…and cheap!

  4. Thanks guys!
    I wonder if I can fit it in my car to help me in parallel parking :)

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