Augmented Maps with Photosynth

I don’t have anything intelligent to say about it, but I was compelled to post it. I’m a big Photosynth fanboy, and always believed it has great potential for augmented reality. On this talk from last Thursday at TED, We see that Microsoft has similar ideas in mind. I would expect more surprises coming from Redmond in 2010

You can read more details about it over at MIT Technology Review or on Bing’s blog.

2 Responses

  1. About time.
    Given how long they have had photosynth I’ve been rather amazed by the lack of progress so far.
    They do a lot of the hard work with the reconstructions, then don’t provide something as simple as a mesh exporter of the result :-/

  2. Crazy cool.

    I’m actually pretty amazed by the progress. The 3D mapping of the world looks like its happening much faster than I thought it would.

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