AR Door and LG 3D TV

Multiple forms of AR (marker and markerless) together in the same camera view.  Plus a little furry action for you animal types.  My only disappointment was that the AR is being used as an advertisement *for* LG 3D TV and won’t actually show up on it.

AR Door Moscow has Created Augmented Reality for LG

AR Door has spearheaded the creation and integration of augmented reality for LG advertising campaign in Russia. The campaign included the integration of augmented reality into the promo website, devoted to a release of a new LG 3D TV model.

Augmented reality is a term for a direct or indirect live view of a real-world environment, whose elements are augmented by virtual computer-generated imagery.

The web page ( incorporating augmented reality allows the users to enjoy a 3D world just right at their homes.

By visiting the web page the customers can flash the ad in front of a web camera. After the web cam recognizes the image, jungles appears just in front of the user, on the screen. The user can enjoy the colors of the fascinating scenery, watch parrots and a puma. One more feature is a possibility to take screenshots of your experience.

Face tracking technology tracks the movements of the head and superimposes 3D glasses and puma’s ears on the user’s face and head. The markerless technology of an augmented reality – D’Fusion – allows the camera to recognize not black-and-white images but colorful ones, people’s faces, bottles, etc. D’Fusion is currently admitted to be the most flawless AR technology.

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  1. Nice enough, although I do get depressed a bit over the lack of substance in this recent 3d craze. Its just shutter glass’s, they haven’t even changed much in the last few decades. (I dunno about LG, but Sony was changing over $100 a pair ontop of the price of a new tv…blah).

    Its not even as if AR development is getting any fringe benefits. Lets get some true per-person perspective, portable, screen-free 3d eh? Steroscopicness is great, but is nothing compared to having your own perspective, or living right in the middle of a movie! [/rant]

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