Samsung Galaxy Tab – When AR Becomes a Selling Point, We Won

Does this ad mark the transformation of augmented reality from being a term used by the tech-elite to one used by the commons?

4 Responses

  1. Now *this* is more like it. Back and front facing camera too!

  2. It’s interesting, I was thinking about this yesterday. My gut tells me that they see the target demo for these tablets are the tech savvy and early adopters… The “cool kids” that gravitated immediately towards ipods and iphones… There was then a trickle down effect of people who “wanted to be cool”…

    side note: I believe it was the Droid that used Layar in a campaign earlier this year… so this isn’t the first time a major ad campaign has referenced AR…

    The “commons” still have no idea what AR is, the term is meaningless to them. Let’s remember that most people don’t even know what a browser is:

    And in my opinion, the “commons” will never know what AR is, they will just know that the experience they are having is amazing… they don’t worry about the technology that runs it…


  3. When this comes out I’ll be very disappointed if theres no headtracked-perspective demos made.

  4. I think it’s just the first step into the AR boom coming this fall… I agree with Jack, nobody knows what AR means, although they are already using it and talking about it with their friends. Yesterday I was having a beer with a friend and he said me “I’m going to boy an Android, it displays information about things around you when you point at them!”

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