Urban Gaming – Augmented Reality Style

We’re probably at least five years away from something like this, but it sure does look fun.

6 Responses

  1. City Golf! I knew I should have trademarked that idea :P

    Good concept video, lots of nice touchs.

  2. Urban sports is cool but I’m still waiting to see kids playing an AR pokemon battle. That would explode. Trainable pets that battle and grow?!? I haven’t played pokemon in 11 years but even I couldn’t miss out on that action!

  3. I wouldn’t be surprised to see AR pokemon soon.

  4. @Sethhmattox & thomaskcarpenter: Have you checked Invizimals for the PSP? That’s literally AR pokemon!

  5. Now I have. I dunno how I missed that but very exciting nonetheless! Thank you for the suggestion @Chico

  6. I suspect an official AR pokemon for the 3DS, but it will (sadly) be marker based. The system even comes with 6 markers.
    Its cool that AR is so mainstream now, but I only wish Nintendo put GPS in the system.

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