Scrawl – 3D Drawing in Augmented Reality

When ever I see these AR art programs, it makes me think of Gibson’s Virtual Light. The graphics in this little app have a good contrast against the world, which makes them a little easier to see.  Also wish you could see these on Layar, Junaio, etc.  Art should be viewer agnostic.

Real 3D drawing in Augmented Reality on an iPhone, using multi-touch! Anyone that has made or attempted to make an Augmented Reality program can tell you that getting the right graphical overlay, placement, etc… is not the easiest thing in the world to do. However, Scrawl here has made it incredibly easy to add that digital augmentation onto whatever marker you create as easy as pointing your finger!

Take a look, pay particular attention to how a graphical imagery can be added in real-time and interact with the environment instantly (ie, look at the shadows! Wow!) Scrawl is doing for Augmented Reality what Napster did for acquiring MP3s!

2 Responses

  1. I thought it would be different. A cool app, not sure if it adheres to the definition of AR, would be to allow me to “paint” “Draw” or “build” by moving the iphone itself in the 3 dimensions and seeing the creation on the iphone, or on another screen like an iPad or a computer. It will allow designers, engineers and architects to build 3 dimensional models just like you draw 2 dimensional models on paper.

  2. Eyal – Its hardly “Worldbuilder” yet (, but its certainly drawing in 3D relatively to a marker, and moving the phone or marker seems to let you draw using all 3 spacial axis’s.

    Sharing should be easy too, although iPad’s are ruled out due to their (stupid) lack of a camera.

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