Battle of the AR Browsers

Three weeks after its launch, SPRXMobile’s Layar partially opens up its layer creation API to developers. It’s not freely available online (bad decision?), however, interested developers can register here, and may be among the lucky 50 to get access keys to the API. The press release is here.
Meanwhile, Mobilizy (creator of Wikitude) is not keeping silent. They congratulated SPRXMobile on their twitter account, and placed a comment on Layar’s press release:

On behalf of Mobilizy GmbH the developers of the original Wikitude AR Travel Guide we would like to congratulate SPRX Mobile in their efforts to help shape the Mobile augmented reality landscape.

Good Job!

Mobilizy also put this picture depicting Wikitude on the iPhone 3GS, and released the following advertisement video

and commented about AcrossAir’s Tube Locator application, saying “you can tell it is fake if you look closely”.

All this while both SPRXMobile and Mobilizy are founding members in the new AR Consortium. So, am I making a lot of noise out of nothing? Probably, after all I’m a blogger!

Update: Mobilizy just announced that they will let user add their own tags to the world via and that they open up their API in a closed beta. And thus begins the battle to control the mobile AR world!

7 Responses

  1. Rouli,

    That is a real strange blogpost.. ;-)

    About our opening up. We open up slowly. Publishing an API is not something to take lightly.. Together with the first set of developers we will finetune the API to be able to handle more developers.

  2. I assume we’re going to hear more from Ori about the AR consortium soon? I was suprised it was only a tiny mention in the post, or are is Ori going to make a big post soon? :)

    I know he said recently in the UgoTrade interview he wanted to make sure all the AR players are developing systems that aren’t all landlocked. Is that the aim of the consortium?

    Either way, congrats to SprxMobile and Mobilizy. :-)

  3. Yes, the AR Consortium has been announced in a press release. and we’ll soon share more about the vision behind it and what it means to the AR industry.

  4. Thanks for the answer.

    And while the rest of the world hasn’t caught the buzz yet, I’m certanly feeling it lately with all the AR news. Seems like things are happening faster and faster. It’s exciting! :-)

  5. […] we hear more from Ori Inbar himself on his Games Alfresco site (more than the blurb we got in a different post).  […]

  6. Exciting times.

    I just hope it dosnt turn into a battle between browsers, but rather a battle for customers.

    Different company’s making their own browsers but taking the same data sources would be my long term preference. (thus the user chooses their ARn browser based on how well it tracks and displays content and its features, not the content selection itself)

  7. […] 15 seconds of fame (and attention) pulse through the venes of the newswires. Some even called it a war when it came to a certain point where the world as it has been known was on it´s way to change. I […]

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