Governator vs. Chancellator Play Augmented Reality at Cebit

You got to see this to believe it:

California-Governor-Arnold -Schwarzenegger and German-Chancellor-Angela-Merkel jointly holding a Lego-digital box-by-Metaio.

In the back, a mirror screen featuring an augmented version of California-Governor-Arnold-Schwarzenegger and German-Chancellor-Angela-Merkel holding the Lego-digital-box-by-Metaio, with an exploded view of the assembled Lego toy.

This must have been the highest concentration of top-rank political figures in a single augmented reality scene – ever to be captured on (digital) film.

I have covered the Digial Lego Box when it was fresh news – now see it in video (in German) on the Cebit site.

Next political AR picture challenge:

capture Obama holding hands with Putin while watching an augmented view of a peaceful Afghanistan.

Thanks Jan Schlink for sharing!